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  • Complete training, supplies and safety solutions
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dangerous goods licence

$453 per person (not including EPA fees)

Kells Training Centre offer Training in the Nationally Accredited unit of competency TLILIC0001 Licence to transport dangerous goods by road[based on the 7th edition of the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (ADG 7)]

Dangerous Goods On Site Awareness Training

Price on Application

This course involves the skills and knowledge required to prepare for the transport of Dangerous Goods, including checking the dangerous goods load, assessing the vehicle suitability, checking emergency procedures and equipment and completing documentation.

Competency Based Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

$285 per person

Ideal for store persons, administration staff warehouse staff. This course gives an introduction to hazardous/dangerous goods for handlers of dangerous goods.

Safe Load Program


This training is a requirement for drivers to gain entry to Refineries and
storage facilities.

OH&S Transport Industry Card (Blue Card)

$285 per person

"Blue Card" was developed in response to the need for improved safety performance in the transport industry.

Environmental Control/Chemical Spill

$285 per person

This training course introduces the skills and knowledge required to monitor plant and equipment in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Fatigue Management

$285 per person

BFM accreditation offers more flexible hours and allows 14 hours working in a 24 hour period.

Forklift Training

$600 per person

We have recognised that not all workplaces are the same. All have different needs at different times. We offer our clients three forklift training options to suit their individual requirements.

Load Restraint

$285 per person

This training session involves the skills and knowledge required to secure cargo including preparing to secure cargo/containers, lashing and unlashing cargo, protecting cargo from weather, and packing and unpacking cargo, in accordance with the National Load Restraint Guide 2004.

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