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Training Course Information

Participants will have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for work and/or further learning
Knowledge – Participants will have factual, technical, procedural and some theoretical knowledge of a specific area of work and learning
Participants will have a range of cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply a specialised range of methods, tools, materials and information to:
• Complete routine activities
• Provide and transmit solutions to predictable and sometimes unpredictable problems

Participants will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and judgement and to take limited responsibility in known and stable contexts within established parameters.

Classroom delivery of the program will involve off-the-job training in a classroom environment.
Teaching methods will include training courses held in sessions of face to face classroom durations, class discussion, learner participation, practical demonstrations and reading resource materials.

Each course has a power point presentation for viewing, reading text and visual pictures for participants to follow during the course.

Assessment methods will include, reading and writing using resource materials.

Participants with language, literacy and numeracy skills at lower levels may require additional support to successfully undertake the course. A Participant can complete a Kells Pre Training Review Questionnaire, which includes an assessment which will ascertain his or her ability to complete training course, prior to course commencement. Kells Training Centre will assess and measure the LL&N capabilities of participants who enrol to ensure they have a reasonable and fair possibility to attain the level required by the unit.

In line with access and equity requirements, reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure all participants are offered the best possible opportunity to successfully complete training course/s.

Participants participating in training may have special needs. Where these needs are identified through the enrolment process the trainer will explore the options available to them to support the participant through the training course. Participants with special needs may include those with language, literacy and/or numeracy problems, and anxious or inexperienced participants.


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